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General Body Meetings

The NSBE collegiate chapter meets twice a month. The scope of the meetings consists of the chapter’s monthly business, corporate speakers, and presentations. The meetings serve as a source of information for the members and as a mechanism for professional and academic enhancement. There are fourteen general body meetings scheduled for the upcoming year and one joint meeting with another on-campus minority engineering student organization, Pi Sigma Pi. Check the calendar for meeting dates for the 2017-2018 academic year.

NSBE Point System

The NSBE Point System is designed to incentivize and reward membership participation by distributing points that count towards discounts and prizes. In the past, our chapter typically rewarded members with discounts on Conference costs – those who attended more events usually had more points and enjoyed cheaper Conference invoices. This year we decided to broaden the scope of our point system by applying it to more initiatives and establishing a trophy room of gift cards, resourceful merchandise, and other prizes that active members can redeem with the points they’ve earned.

Member Portal

Membership comes with access to our exclusive Member Portal.  This portal is the hub through which members may access important amenities including our test bank, scholarship database, and growing number of available resources.  Access to the Test Bank is granted to dues paid members who submit full materials (all midterms and study materials) for at least one course once a semester to  Submission of study materials will also contribute to your NSBE member points.  New freshman members will have access to the test bank without material submission.

NSBE Mission Scholarships

NSBE Mission Scholarships are exclusive to UT Austin NSBE chapter members. The requirements are largely based on how well the applicants fulfill the organization’s mission. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate academic excellence, participate in NSBE career building programs, and serve the University and Black community on and off campus. The recipients must also be active in the Equal Opportunity in Engineering (EOE) program.  


Texas BWiSE

Texas BWiSE or Black Women in Science and Engineering began in the fall of 2014 as an initiative in the Cockrell School of Engineering.  Its mission is to retain and support black women in STEM through programming focused on professional and personal development.  This academic year is the first year that Texas BWiSE will be a standing committee in UT NSBE, and we are excited to see where this partnership takes us.  In the past, BWiSE has hosted workshops on resume and interview prep, natural hair in the workplace, conflict resolution, self care, and a roundtable with local Black female professionals in STEM industries.

NSBE First-Year Action Team

The NSBE First-Year Action Team (FAT) aims to boost the involvement of first-year students in NSBE.  By becoming members of First-Year Action Team, new members are given the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in leading others and working together to achieve a common goal.  FAT is one of the main ways NSBE recruits new members each semester.  By encouraging new students to get actively involved in NSBE as soon as they arrive on campus, we hope to strengthen their leadership abilities early, so that they are prepared to lead the organization later in their college careers.

Mentor & Mentee (M&M)

This academic initiative was created in Spring 2009 to facilitate communication between upper and lower classmen in engineering.  It has now merged with the former Industry Mentorship Program (IMP) initiative, founded by one of our own in 2015 and adopted by the national NSBE board in 2016.  Together, the programs act as a NSBE mentorship source harboring a pool of undergraduate upperclassmen, graduate students, and NSBE professionals.  The first M&M of the semester involves a panel of students in a variety of engineering and STEM fields offering their insights on how to excel in STEM.  The second half of the session is designated for networking.  Underclassmen are encouraged to exchange contact info with upperclassmen in their major, who then act as guides for them throughout the school year.  Mentor & Mentee gives underclassmen access to old notes and textbooks (in addition to our new NSBE Test Bank) as well as connections with potential tutors.  The second M&M of the semester is a check-in point to see how our students are developing and how their experience can be improved.

Future Leaders Program, FLP

Many incoming students do not have the professional and organizational experience it takes to become leaders of our NSBE chapter.  The skills fostered by our executive board help develop community leaders and successful career professionals. By pairing new students with executive board members, our objective is to give students a direct resource they can consult to learn all the aspects of professionalism that we are expected to know, but perhaps not directly taught. Pairs can opt to join the existing Mentor & Mentee program along with FLP.  FLP Chair will then provide mentors with the topics/agenda for the session to go over with their mentees throughout the semester, including resume writing, appropriate interview attire, how to give a proper hand shake, and the “elevator pitch.”  There will also be socials and seminars, designed to establish FLP as a fixed program.  Pairs will be encouraged to interact with each other on an individual basis, but the seminars and group meetings will give the program the structure needed to maintain stability.

NSBE Conferences

As a means of fulfilling our mission, NSBE holds several conferences on the regional and national level. These conferences provide students with the opportunity to network with professionals and attend workshops designed to sharpen leadership skills. Conferences also incorporate workshops to enhance professional development and academic excellence. The bulk of the costs of these conferences are travel arrangements and local accommodations. The NSBE chapter at UT-Austin is looking for corporate support to help send members to the conferences listed below.

Regional Leadership Conference

The Regional Leadership Conference gives NSBE leaders on the Regional and Chapter level an opportunity to learn functional duties related to their positions as well as critical team building and project management skills. This conference is held annually prior to the fall semester.
*RLC 2017: Aug 10-13 in Colombia, MO

Fall Regional Conference

This conference is a networking experience and opportunity to conduct regional business within NSBE. It includes a PCI Conference, a Professional Development Conference with net- working sessions, and a career fair and a community service event.
*FRC 2017: Nov 02-05 in Tulsa, OK

National Convention

The National Convention gives NSBE members the opportunity to network with college students and technical professionals, improve on a personal and technical level, and to gain access to top technology corporations and graduate schools throughout the United States Corporations have the ability to recruit from a qualified and diverse pool of candidates.
*Nationals 2017: Mar 21-25 in Pittsburgh, PA

Annual Membership Fee: $15